Equipment for DPW Callao Port Project Is Shipped

Time:2023-10-25    Number:349    【Big Middle Small】    

On September 26, “Zhenhua 16” carrying 3 quay cranes and 12 RTG cranes for the DP World Callao Port project in Peru sailed from the wharf of ZPMC Changing Branch.

The 3 quay cranes shipped this time are single-lifting double-girder cranes with self-propelled trolleys, with a rated load of 65 t with two spreaders, a track gauge of 30.48 m, a total lifting height of 63 m, a lifting height of 45 m above the rail, an outreach of 65 m and a back outreach of 15 m.

The Peru project totals 12 RTG cranes with a rated load of 41 t, a span of 26.4 m, a lifting height of 18.2 m and a slewing angle of ± 5°.

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