RMG Cranes for Evergreen Kaohsiung Port Project Are Shipped

Time:2023-10-25    Number:341    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, “Zhenhua 34” carrying the second batch of 6 automatic RMG cranes for the Evergreen Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan successfully sailed from the wharf of ZPMC Nantong Branch.

The RMG cranes for the project have a rated load of 40.7 t with spreader, a span of 40.8 m, a lifting height of 21 m, and double cantilevers of 9.5 m. The project includes 18 RMG cranes, and the first batch of 2 cranes arrived at the user’s terminal on April 18. The remaining 10 cranes will be shipped in batches.

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