Equipment Dispatched to East Timor

Time:2022-05-11    Number:73    【Big Middle Small】    

On May 1, Zhen Hua 16 carried two quay cranes and four tire cranes for East Timor and sailed off from the pier of Changxing Branch.

This project was purchased by the Bollore Group in 2020. The two quay cranes feature a rated capacity of 65 metric tons, a gauge of 30.48 meters, a hoisting height of 42 meters, an under-rail distance of 16 meters, a forward reach of 50 meters, and a rear reach of 20 meters. The tire cranes come with a span of 26 meters and a hoisting height of 18.2 meters, adopts EZ Siemens electric control system and the latest cable drum power supply system, which serves the requirements of energy efficiency, emissions reduction, low carbon and environment protection.

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