First Equipment Batch Finished for PSA Tuas Pier in Singapore – the World’s Largest Automated Pier Under Construction

Time:2022-05-11    Number:100    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, PSA Tuas Automated Port in Singapore – a mega port complex undertaken by ZPMC – saw new progress: as the fifth group of four double-trolley automated quay cranes was shipped by Zhenhua 26 Vessel to the customer’s pier, the first batch of automated equipment, including 20 double-trolley automated quay cranes and 56 automated rail-mounted gantry cranes, had production and shipment wrapped up, marking a milestone achievement of this project.

The PSA Tuas Automated Pier in Singapore is a mega port complex integrating port, shipping, harbor industry, shipbuilding and other harbor programs, and also a project planned by Singaporean government. In March 2019, Singapore PSA and ZPMC entered a contract as to the procurement of the first equipment batch for automated Tuas Port, covering 20 double-trolley automated quay cranes and 56 automated rail-mounted gantry cranes.

In this project, ZPMC developed new ways to build automated double-trolley quay cranes, which feature the largest capacity and fastest speed up to date in the world, and custom designed large single-cantilever automated rail-mounted gantry cranes to support the novel layout of the Tuas Pier.

In the nest stage, Team Zhenhua will work on the unloading and delivery on a tight schedule upon the arrival of the equipment. The project, after being totally completed, will become the world’s largest automated pier.

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