Equipment Shipment of Pusan and Ulsan Projects in South Korea

Time:2021-07-16    Number:92    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 17, "Zhenhua 35" carrying two quay cranes of Pusan project in South Korea, and two straddle carriers for Pusan project and one quay crane for Ulsan project, slowly left the wharf of Changxing Branch.

The quay cranes for Pusan project in South Korea have a track gauge of 42.67m, a lifting height of 50m, a rated load of 65t, a forward extension distance of 70m and a backward extension distance of 20m. The project was commenced in August 2020. When loading and shipping, the ground wheels on land should be removed and the temporary outriggers and trolleys should be installed, which requires a large number of workloads. With the support and cooperation of all parties, the "Zhenhua 35" finally set sail smoothly.

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