Shipment of Quay Cranes at Chesapeake Port, Baltimore

Time:2021-07-16    Number:83    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 28, "Zhenhua 24" was loaded with 4 sets of landing girder quay cranes in Chesapeake Port, Baltimore, and set sail from Changxing Base Terminal for shipment.

The project is the second batch of quay cranes purchased from ZPMC by Baltimore Wharf, with a total of 4 sets of cranes. The track gauge of quay crane is 30.48m, the forward extension distance is 68m, the backward extension distance of main trolley is 20m, the lifting height is 50m, and the lifting capacity is 65t. The equipment has to pass through two bridges during transportation, therefore, the design continues to use the first batch of lowering girder and additional columns. With the continuous optimization of production process, the introduction of intelligent production line and the continuous improvement of quality control in recent years, the design of ZMPC's quay cranes integrates stability, reliability and safety.

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