The first intelligent container cleaning system in China has been accepted for delivery and put into use

Time:2021-02-24    Number:2173    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. built the country's first intelligent container cleaning system for Shanghai Laogang Waste Handling Co., Ltd., which passed the on-site acceptance of the expert group and was officially put into use.
Since 2009, Shanghai has started to promote containerized domestic waste transfer, which effectively solved the secondary pollution caused by traditional bulk transport. However, the surface contamination of containers in the process of long-term use affects the urban environment and city’s image. It has become a new problem how to clean containers quickly and efficiently. 
The container cleaning system developed by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is intelligent, efficient, safe and environment- friendly. Based on the field conditions, the project is equipped with six functional modules, including container truck guide system, container plane transportation system, detergent coating system, cleaning system, waste water treatment and utilization system, and cleanliness detection system. Through the central control system, container truck separation, cleaning, identification, data sharing and other intelligent processing are realized. The washing rhythm reaches up to 100 seconds per container, 15-20 times faster than the traditional manual cleaning, achieving both economic and social benefits.
With the application of automation technology, the project has realized the automatic cleaning of containers; combined with container filling, municipal solid waste is transferred, forming a set of systematic solutions for municipal solid waste transfer. The technology has been granted a patent for invention. 

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