Super Reach Stacker Series Products of ZPMC Being Offline Successively

Time:2021-01-19    Number:2093    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, ZPMC super reach stacker series products have been offline in succession, injecting new force into the mobile machinery market.
The super reach stacker can meet the high-efficiency transfer requirements of various terminals and yards, and it is intelligent and safe. Due to the lightweight design, the weight of the machine is 8t less than the standard model in the industry, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption of the equipment, reduce the wheel pressure on the ground, and increase the service life of the site; the industry's first automatic wheelbase change design enables the maximum variable wheelbase of the super reach stacker to reach 2.5m, so that it can undertake operations under different working conditions, greatly reducing the weight and turning radius of the equipment; it is equipped with the third-generation EHC system of ZPMC to realize the three linkage functions of sling operation, boom telescoping and boom pitching, greatly improving the work efficiency and accuracy of the reach stacker; it is equipped with a composite cylinder for "energy recovery" to save energy and reduce comprehensive use costs. In addition, the super reach stacker is flexible in operation and has an excellent driving experience. Even in bad weather, it can easily recognize obstacles and automatically brake when reversing. The humanized cab design makes the driving environment more comfortable and safe.
In the future, the super reach stacker will also be equipped with an equipment IoT cloud platform, which can perform remote vehicle condition monitoring, energy efficiency analysis, and after-sales maintenance to provide customers with more specific services and improve equipment efficiency.
In recent years, the Company has produced and sold nearly 200 reach stackers and more than 40 stacking machines, so that the products are successfully sold to Shanghai, Singapore, Qingdao, Guangzhou and other large ports and exported to foreign countries. With the participation of super reach stackers, ZPMC mobile machinery products will serve more users.

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