ZPMC Steel Structure Products Once Again Used in San Francisco, USA

Time:2020-12-24    Number:830    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, on-site assembly and delivery have been completed in the fire-fighting floating platform project in San Francisco, USA, which ZPMC participated in. San Francisco mainstream media reported on the project. The project designer, Liftech, sent a letter of thanks, affirming the quality and progress of the project, and thanking ZPMC for delivering the products with high quality on time.
Construction of the project started in March 2019. ZPMC Offshore Service Group is responsible for the manufacture of floating platform bases and gauge piles. The total weight of the steel structure is about 1,200t. Through unremitting efforts, the project team completed the construction and delivery of the floating platform with high quality.
ZPMC participated in the construction of the San Francisco-Oakland New Bay Bridge in the United States and provided more than 40,000t steel structure. The floating platform was placed next to Pier 22 of the Bay Bridge. It is the first time that the Company's steel structure products have once again used in San Francisco, USA after 9 years.

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