Shipment of two bridge grab ship unloaders to Hyundai Indonesia Cirebon Power Plant

Time:2020-11-26    Number:1682    【Big Middle Small】    
On November 19, two bridge grab ship unloaders built by ZPMC for Hyundai Indonesian Cirebon Power Plant were formally shipped. This is the first time the Company's bulk products enter Indonesia after more than 20 years.
These two bridge grab ship unloaders are of the mechanical differential four-drum traction type. Compared with the main and auxiliary trolley traction type ship unloaders, this type of ship unloader has simpler wire rope winding, fewer pulleys, and relatively simple mechanism layout, with more reasonable structural force. The equipment will be used for coal unloading in the Power Plant, with a rated capacity of 1,200t/h and a rated lifting capacity of 30t. It has functions such as lifting, opening and closing, pitching, on-board belt conveying and machine walking along the track.
As the general contractor of the Project, Hyundai Engineering & Construction is responsible for the construction of the Cirebon Power Plant in the eastern part of West Java, Indonesia. Again, both parties cooperated with each other this time to help further build consensus and achieve win-win development.

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