First far and deep sea mariculture mechanical platform in China

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Zhenyu No. 1 by ZPMC was put into use officially in Lianjiang Fujian

Zhenyu No. 1 by ZPMC, the first far and deep sea mariculture mechanical platform in China, was put into use in the sea of Dinghai Bay Xiaocheng Town Lianjiang County of Fujian Province on May 24th.

The Platform is of the rugby shape with the total length of 60m, molded width of 30m and the mariculture water body of 130million m3, providing 120t commercial sea fish of high quality annually. The Platform consists of the floating structure, mariculture framework and rotating structure, expanding the mariculture area to the deep and far sea. It can not only solve the ecological pressure from the coastline mariculture but the shortage of mariculture space and poor capacity of mariculture equipment against storms and waves as well. Meanwhile, Zhenyu No. 1 is equipped with automatically rotating cage wining the design patent, solving the problem of maritime attachment troubling the mariculture for a long time and saving much mariculture cost. 

The Platform is another achievement of the cooperation between ZPMC and Lianjiang County of Fujian Province, after Zhenbao No. 1, an abalone mariculture platform. Zhenyu No. 1, featuring high capacity against storms and waves as well as high technology, will bring about the fundamental reform for the mariculture. It will promote the traditional aquiculture developing from the coastal sea to deep and far sea, from extensive operation to intelligent management. It is quite important to promote the transformation and upgrading of maritime fishing, to increase the fishermen’s income steadily and to develop the maritime economy with the strategy of Maritime Fuzhou.

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