ZPMC’s products entry to 102nd country

Time:2019-05-13    Number:2001    【Big Middle Small】    

ZPMC signed the contract on 12 wholly-electric RTGs for Port of Anaklia with Anaklia Development Co., Ltd. of Georgia recently, indicating the company’s products entering the 102nd country.

The RTGs are of a new type with anti-swing trolley of complete functions, featuring anti-swing, light weight and environment protection, providing a strong support for the operation of terminals in future.

Georgia, with the Black Sea in the west, Caucasus Mountains in the north, Turkey in the south and Caspian Sea in the east, is rich in mineral and tourism resources, a must way along ancient Silk Road and modern Eurasian Corridor. The deep sea port is located along the coastline of the Black Sea in Georgia, a hub for the shortest seaway from China to Europe. The project to be completed will support China to establish the new convenient trade route to Europe, reemerging of historical prosperity of the Silk Road. 

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