Environmentally friendly spiral ship unloader initialized by ZPMC in China

Time:2019-04-12    Number:480    【Big Middle Small】    
The assembly and trial operation of two 1,500t/h environmentally friendly ship unloaders were completed by ZPMC recently, which will be delivered to Leizhou Power Plant of Datang Power in Guangdong Province. 
The ship unloader features the wholly enclosed work mode, environment protection, large scale and high efficiency, with the rated capacity of 1,500t/h and maximum capacity of 1,800t/h, which can be used for 70,000t coal bulk carriers and 100,000t coal bulk carriers as well.  
The ship unloader, as one of main products of ZPMC, consists of the reclaimer, vertical spiral, horizontal spiral and variable frequency driving control system. The unloading is made with the vertical arm of reclaimer moving forward and backward, horizontal arm swinging and pitching as well as horizontal movement of the gantry. 
The dust from the unloading operation of the coal has been a great problem for the power plants and terminals, impacting the surrounding life and ecological environment. The spiral ship unloader by ZPMC can operate with an enclosed work mode, keeping materials moving in a single direction, thus, making sure the zero pollution. The development results can play an important role in the green loading and unloading of products with much dust, including the coal, cement and fertilizer, promoting the green and high quality development of the loading and unloading of bulk cargos. 

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