Commencement of a new vessel leading in the world by ZPMC

Time:2019-03-28    Number:403    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, the restructuring of the grain carrier of Australian T-PORTS Company commenced officially by ZPMC under the general contracting of CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

The carrier is the first vessel for Australian user by ZPMC, with the total length of 86.95m, molded width of 18.50m, molded depth of 8m and max. draught of 3.90m. It is a restructuring of a new vessel in accordance with new vessel building standards by the authority of Australia, mostly involving the relaying of main cables and the installation of grain conveyer on the deck.

The grain carrier will be used for the grain transportation near the coastline (rive-to-sea transportation), leading in the same type of vessels in the world. 

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