• ZPMC winning the contract of Dalian Container Terminal Yard Automation Restructuring
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Port machinery
Zhenhua heavy industry starts with port machinery. All employees hold the idea of "dare to be the first and lead the world". The world first creates an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient fully automated container terminal loading and unloading system. It uses a double 40 foot box bridge, a fully automated distribution system and an automatic rail crane to make the loading and unloading efficiency of the wharf greatly raised. High. Container machinery products have covered 300 wharves in 100 countries and regions around the world, accounting for more than 70% of the world's market share. Bulk cargo handling equipment such as loaders and unloaders, bucket wheel stackers and reclaimers, environmental protection chain bucket ship unloaders and other products sales also rank in the forefront of the industry.
Marine heavy industry
In the field of offshore engineering equipment, such as offshore drilling platforms, large lifting vessels, pipe laying vessels, cable laying vessels and dredgers, Zhenhua Heavy Industry has accumulated rich achievements. The international famous offshore drilling platform design company under the flag of China has established a strategic partnership with Zhenhua heavy industry, and launched an in-depth and pragmatic cooperation, and has achieved fruitful results.
Heavy special steel structure
The company has an annual capacity of 1 million tons of steel structures, which can produce large, heavy, and a type steel structures such as bridges, modules, sea wind and so on. It has successfully provided all steel structures for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge in the world's top manufacturing difficulty.
Maritime transport and installation
The company has more than 20 years of marine experience, shipping design is strong, and is actively developing offshore installation, seabed installation business. Zhenhua heavy industry subsidiary, Shanghai Zhenhua Marine Engineering Service Group Co., Ltd. has 25 integrated transport ships, of which 7 are semi submersible, which can transport giant equipment to ports and users all over the world, not only to ensure the delivery period, but also to ensure the safety of transportation.
Electrical products
The intelligent city business mainly provides the whole industry chain of intelligent parking system, which covers all kinds of car parking and bus parking. It provides customers with investment and financing, planning, design, intelligent equipment research and development and system integration, large data + cloud platform operation management, equipment maintenance and other integrated services.
System integration
Including the bulk cargo system general contracting, the global energy conservation and environmental protection fourth generation automatic dock system. The company has built the world's largest automated terminal and the first fully automated terminal project in China.
Investment and financing
Zhenhua heavy industry investment and financing business mainly includes three sections: transportation infrastructure construction, real estate development, and urban complex construction business closely related to the Chinese cross industry; marine heavy equipment and port machinery manufacturing and system overall integration business, oil and gas industry chain project, wind power industry closely related to the company's main industry Chain projects, wharf operation projects; State-encouraged emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent industry, modern logistics, industrial parks and other projects.
Integrated service
ZPMC has a service team of more than 1000 high quality professionals in ports, steel plants and shipyards all over the world. It can provide efficient solutions and complete spare parts service support and supply the whole world through spare parts and agents in the shortest time. It can provide high quality, high reliability marine engineering equipment and all kinds of mechanical and electrical Suites used for lifting machinery, such as large anchor winch, power positioning device, platform lifting device, pipe tensioner, large rack for mechanism, large open gear and rotary support, large reducer,

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