ZPMC winning the contract of Dalian Container Terminal Yard Automation Restructuring

Time:2018-08-10    Number:3005    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, ZPMC won the contract of Dalian Container Terminal Yard Automation Restructuring,including the automation restructuring on two container areas and three double-cantilever RMGs. The Project Team will make automation restructuring and upgrading on hardware of RMGs, adding automation subsystems of D container truck positioning, spreader detection system, target detection system, gantry and trolley positioning system, OCR container number identification system and CCTV monitoring system. Meanwhile, ZPMC will provide assistance to Dalian Container Terminal for the restructuring, optimization and upgrading of the remote control systems, including the central control IT equipment, dispatching system and TOS system.

ZPMC, with the advantage of professional automation restructuring team, has made various restructuring projects, including Hong Kong HIT RMGs and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Phase IV RTGs, winning rich experience for further similar projects. At present, the restructuring team are making automation restructuring on the storage yard of Tianjin Wuzhou International Terminal, the largest yard in China.

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