ZPMC smart welding workstation winning Goldfinger award on CIROS

Time:2018-07-19    Number:2272    【Big Middle Small】    

CIROS2018 was held in Shanghai from July 4th to 7th, during which the 3rd Goldfinger• 2018 China International Robot Annual Award Ceremony was made. ZPMC Deep Narrow Box Girder Internal Smart Welding Workstation won the Goldfinger on Smart Integration.

The workstation was developed jointly by ZPMC Electrical Group and Changxing Branch mainly for the smart welding on STS girders with complicated internal structures. The parameter programming and small robot integration technology were adopted in the workstation, improving the automation and intellectualization of welding workstations greatly. It will not only bring about remarkable economic benefits but leading technology on heavy industry smart integration as well.  

Goldfinger • 2018 China International Robot Annual Award is sponsored jointly by CIROS2018 Organization Committee and Vogel Business Media under the guidance of China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), including Goldfiner on Innovative Product, Man of the Year, New Prominent, Smart Integration and Most Influential Industrial Park. It intends to promote the innovation of robot industry and discover the sources and driving forces of technical innovation of the industrial robot in China.

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