Winning two contracts by Longyuan Zhenhua

Time:2018-07-12    Number:2617    【Big Middle Small】    

Longyuan Zhenhua won the contracts of Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen Offshore Wind Power Project of State Power Investment Corporation Limited and Liaoning Dalian Zhuanghe III Offshore Wind Power Project of China Three Gorges New Energy Co., Ltd. recently.

Guangdong Zhanjiang Xuwen Offshore Wind Power Project Anemometer Tower Project is located in the sea east to Jinhe Town of Zhanjiang, including the construction, 2-year maintenance and final disassembly of two offshore anemometer towers.

The anemometer tower is mainly intended for parameter measurement of wind power in the offshore wind power plant, which is an important part of the preliminary work of the offshore wind power plant and the foundation to the construction of the whole wind power plant. Particular environment and work features of the offshore anemometer tower require the unique construction technology.

It is the first time for the Company to enter the field of offshore wind power anemometer tower, showing ZPMC’s positively establishing the whole offshore wind power industry chain and extending the business from the offshore wind power main engineering to the frontier of wind power plant construction, thus, making foundation to expand offshore wind power market and explore in various fields of such industry.

The Second Batch Wind Power Generator Foundation and Installation Project of Dalian Zhuanghe III Offshore Wind Power Project, located in the most northern wind power plant of China, involves the foundation construction and generator installation of fifteen 6.45MW generators and one 3.3MW generator.

The contract involves the high-rise pile platform, breaking through in the traditional single pile wind power generator foundation construction, which indicates the Company expanding the offshore wind power construction project to the most northern wind power plant of China.

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