Successful Completion of Wind Farm Performance Test for Asia's First Wind Farm Service Operation Vessel

Time:2024-05-15    Number:214    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, Asia's first wind farm service operation vessel, the "Supreme 100", successfully completed the wind farm performance test and returned to the Qidong Offshore Engineering Terminal of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

The wind farm performance test lasted 32 hours and satisfactorily included 16 functional tests, such as the wave compensation gangway connection wind turbine performance test, maintenance work submersible wind turbine docking test, offshore crane wind farm lifting test, smart ship test, wind farm operation and maintenance scheduling system test, and auxiliary steering system test. All performance indicators met the regulatory requirements.

Designed by the Norwegian company Ulstein, the "Supreme 100" was detailed, produced, and constructed by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. This project represents a sea-based Service Operation Vessel (SOV) integrating efficient, green, intelligent, and safe operation for wind farm maintenance. The vessel is 93.4 meters long, 18 meters wide, designed for a service speed of 12.3 knots, with an autonomy of over 30 days, meeting world-wide area requirements. Equipped with a wave motion compensation gangway, maintenance work submersible, boarding platform, and aluminum alloy helicopter platform, it greatly enhances personnel deployment efficiency. The vessel features a DP2 dynamic positioning system and a folding boom offshore crane, enabling personnel or equipment transfer and wind farm maintenance operations in harsh sea conditions.

The successful wind farm performance test of the "Supreme 100" is a significant milestone for the Company's focus on manufacturing new advanced equipment and promoting the development of new quality productivity. Once operational, this project will set a benchmark for deep-sea wind farm service operation vessels in China and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the Country's offshore wind power industry.

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