The 60-person SOV Is Undocked

Time:2023-10-25    Number:352    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, the service operation vessel (SOV) with a capacity of 60 people, built by ZPMC for Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, was undocked by Qidong Marine Engineering.

With a length of 72.76 m, a beam of 17.5 m and a design speed of 12 knots, the SOV can support offshore life and work of the crew for more than 30 days, meeting the requirements of the unrestricted navigation area. Equipped with the DP2 dynamic positioning system, the SOV can achieve a safe and smooth transfer of personnel and cargo between the vessel and the wind turbine towers amid severe sea conditions and is far safer and more efficient than conventional SOVs. Fitted with a diesel-electric power supply and DC busbar distribution system, the SOV has excellent berthing and maneuvering performance, enabling efficient storage and transport of wind farm equipment and spare parts. In addition, the VOC is equipped with a helicopter deck, working crafts and boarding platform, which can greatly improve the efficiency of personnel transport and deployment.

As the most important transportation equipment for offshore wind operations & maintenance (O&M), the SOV is responsible for storage, transport and emergency rescue tasks. Its core equipment is indispensable for high-quality offshore wind O&M and its O&M capabilities are critical to the cost-effectiveness of the offshore wind farm. Over the past few years, the sea conditions have become increasingly more complicated as the offshore distance of the newly built offshore wind plants in China has increased, and it has become difficult for conventional SOVs to meet the special application scenarios of rough sea, long distance, and changeable climate.

The challenge of the project is how to keep the gangway stable and safe for the passing of personnel in the midst of waves of less than 3.5 m at sea. The SOV developed by ZPMC adopts a "super algorithm" that can achieve reverse compensation of the vessel's motion in the midst of waves up to 3.5 m high to maintain the relative stability of the gangway and ensure safe access to the "windmill over the sea".

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