ZPMC’s First TOS System Is Put into Trial Operation in Zhonggu Qinzhou Project

Time:2023-10-25    Number:361    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, ZPMC’s first self-developed intelligent integrated terminal production management system (TOS) was put into trial operation in Qinzhou container multimodal transportation logistics base of Zhonggu.

The project is Zhonggu’s first logistics base landed in Beibu Gulf Port, covers an area of about 321 mu (1 mu ≈ 0.067 hectares), and also marks the first commercialization and application of ZPMC’s independently developed new generation of intelligent and integrated terminal production management system. In addition, ZPMC also provides one-stop solutions for the full life cycle of the terminal for the project and future expansion, including automated remote control and mechanical equipment, as well as complete system integration and maintenance, so as to carry out the whole process of intelligent management and services for large-scale container and empty & heavy container apron yards, sea-rail intermodal transportation hub yards, foreign trade empty container trans-shipment bases, and cold chain logistics bases.

At present, the relevant software and hardware integration equipment is running accurately and smoothly, and the relevant system training for users has been completed. The trial operation of the logistics base is of great significance for Qinzhou to build a multimodal transportation hub in the Beibu Gulf Port, and it will become a new benchmark for the construction of the western new land-sea trade corridor.

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