Two New-generation Offshore Wind Power Equipment Is Successfully Delivered

Time:2023-10-25    Number:352    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, the delivery ceremony of Haifeng 1001, the 2500-ton self-propelled jack-up wind power installation platform and Haifeng 1002, the 1800-ton self-propelled jack-up wind power installation platform, which were invested in and constructed by CCCC Haifeng Wind Power Development and designed and built by ZPMC, was grandly held in Qidong, Jiangsu Province.

Haifeng 1001 and Haifeng 1002 have set a number of records in China. Haifeng 1001 is the wind power installation platform with the largest lifting capacity in China, and is the first 2,500-ton fourth-generation offshore wind power installation platform in China. Haifeng 1002 has the longest pile legs among the same class of wind power installation platforms in China. Besides, the 2 wind power installation platforms have the largest operating water depth (70 m), the highest lifting height (160 m for the main hook and 180 m for the secondary hook above the main deck), and the largest deck area (4,500 m2). Serving as the domestic first-class, international leading new generation of offshore wind power construction equipment, they completely realize the localization of the design, core supporting equipment and construction.

Both Haifeng 1001 and Haifeng 1002 have the ability to transport and install 2 sets of 20 MW wind turbines in deep-sea wind farms, and are allowed to navigate in unlimited navigation areas with the DP2 power positioning system. They have an accommodation capacity of 130 people. The lifting system of Haifeng 1001 and Haifeng 1002 adopts truss-type pile leg and rack-and-pinion frequency conversion control technology, which can ensure a uniform lifting load, achieve a lifting speed of 0.5 m per minute and a maximum designed pile pulling capacity of 15,000 t in China. The 2 platforms, equipped with the whole-ship information digital management system to achieve important system operations & maintenance (O&M) digital monitoring, intelligent data analysis, remote fault diagnosis and other functions, are the first batch of domestic installation platforms to apply for CCS Intelligent Ship (I-ship) and Green-eco Ship (G-ECO) classification.

After the delivery, the 2 platforms will serve the offshore wind farms to carry out various wind power engineering operations, including the installation of the tower, engine room, blade and wind turbine foundation construction of the 20 MW offshore wind turbine, as well as other offshore lifting operations or supporting works. They can be seen as a “weapon” for propelling China’s offshore wind power to the deep sea and achieving the high-quality development of offshore clean energy.

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