The Last Batch of AGVs for Mongolia Arrived at the Site

Time:2023-06-28    Number:228    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 13, the last batch of 6 AGVs provided by ZPMC for Mongolia arrived at the site smoothly. So far, 30 AGVs of the project in total have been shipped, which will drive more unmanned cross-border land transportation between China and Mongolia and offer corresponding safeguard and protection.

In September 2022, the project was signed. Due to the extremely low temperature of the port, the company adopted the diesel engine + lithium battery hybrid power system, which is more suitable for operation in the north at an extremely low temperature of -40℃ to 40℃ compared with the traditional pure electricity. This system can truly realize unmanned and efficient operation by wireless connection with customs border control equipment such as truck scales, an outpost of the tax office and disinfection and sterilization equipment. The project has accumulated rich experience and a large amount of data in an ultra-short cycle production process, which also lays a solid foundation for the company to upgrade AGV products in the future.

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