The Self-propelled Evaluating Wind Power Installation Platform with the Largest Lifting Capacity in China Successfully Left the Dock

Time:2023-06-09    Number:259    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 5, the self-propelled evaluating wind power installation platform "Haifeng 1001", which is completely independently designed and built by ZPMC and has the largest lifting capacity in China, successfully left the dock at Zhenhua Reloading No. 4 base.

The wind power installation platform has a length of 133.8m, a width of 50m, a depth of 11m, and a 2,500t of full-circle slewing pile crane on the starboard side of the stern. The platform is the largest wind power installation platform built in China so far and fully realizes domestic design and production. After completion, it is suitable for sandy soil, cohesive soil or similar geological operations. It is mainly used for installing 15 MW and above unit equipment, which can simultaneously carry 2 sets of 15 MW fan unit equipment, operate in a water depth of 70m at most, sail in all navigation areas including Ice Class B and hang the Chinese flag approved by the CCS (China Classification Society).

The platform has a crew of 120 people, a self-sustaining capacity of 45 days, an endurance of 3,000nmi, and a speed of no less than 9kn. The smooth promotion of the project will largely impact the offshore wind power construction field and China to achieve the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality".

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