World's Most Advanced 140-meter-class Pile-driving Barge Sets Sail

Time:2022-11-24    Number:24    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, the special 140-meter-class pile-driving barge with the highest pile frame, the largest pile lifting capacity, the longest pile driving length and the highest wind and wave resistance capacity in the world has set sail at ZPMC Qidong Shipyard for Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province to participate in the bridge construction.

The barge has a pile frame height of 142 meters, maximum operating pile weight of 700tons, maximum working pile length of 118 meters plus the depth of water, and maximum working pile diameter of 6 meters. The barge has a specially developed construction management control system, which realizes digital management, intelligent construction and green operation. The combined use of "BeiDou + nearshore 4G + satellite communication" can realize the non-blind area for navigation and construction communication, and improve the efficiency of technical support and ship-shore management. "Yihang Jinzhuang" can overcome the effects of rough sea conditions, swells and long-period waves, meet the unlimited dispatch of navigation areas, and realize self-propelled berthing shifting, reducing the need for auxiliary vessels and greatly improving the construction efficiency.

The barge has achieved a number of pioneering innovations as follows: Firstly, the hydraulic system, which is the power source for construction work, realizes the convenient operation of all-electric "one-key start" for the first time, which solves the problem that the traditional pile driving barge is directly driven by a laborious and energy-consuming diesel engine, and the system is more intelligent and environmentally friendly; Secondly, it is the first time to adopt all-electric auxiliary propulsion, which can realize all-round flexible ship moving and orientation adjustment, changing the single mechanical moving mode of the traditional pile driving barge which only adjusts the anchor, improving the construction efficiency in all aspects, and truly realizing intelligent, digital and green pile driving.

This barge will be used in projects involving large pile foundations, pile group foundations, wind turbine jacket foundations, and wind power single-pile foundations, and it will play a pivotal role in the construction of large ports, cross-sea bridges, offshore wind farms and artificial islands.

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