PTP Project Successfully Shipped to Malaysia

Time:2022-09-16    Number:139    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, carrying 4 sets of quay cranes and 4 sets of tire cranes for the PTP Project, "Zhenhua 25" set out from Changxing Branch.

Two models of quay cranes were shipped. Type A quay cranes feature a rated capacity of 65t, a gauge of 30.5m and an above/below-rail lifting height of 50.8m/18m; Type B quay cranes feature an above/below-rail lifting height of 45m/18m. All such quay cranes are configured with an EZ electric control system and subsystems like CPS, CCTV, oscillation and firefighting, etc.

Such tire cranes feature a span of 26.5m, a lifting height of 18.2m and a rated capacity (below slings) of 50t, are supplied with power with the help of electric trolley sliding conductor lines and adopt EZ electric control.

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