"Zhenhua 34" Finished the Semi-submersible Transportation Project

Time:2022-09-16    Number:119    【Big Middle Small】    

On September 7, "Zhenhua 34" successfully finished unloading of one power generation vessel at NOUMEA Port in New Caledonia and finished the Semi-submersible Transportation Project from Turkey to New Caledonia.

There were many difficulties during construction of this project. For example, the unloading anchorage area was nearby the channel, the volume of the cargos to be unloaded was large, and the surge in the unloading area was severe. The crew of "Zhenhua 34" coordinated with the owner and the port side, made a deliberate schedule and emergency plan, made good preparation in advance for unloading and finally finished unloading of the power generation vessel safely and efficiently.

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