Tseung Kwan O Sea-Crossing Bridge in Hong Kong Completed

Time:2022-06-13    Number:88    【Big Middle Small】    

As the last piece of prefabricated girder segment of the approach bridge was put in place on May 21, the Tseung Kwan O Sea-Crossing Bridge in Hong Kong, with ZMPC as one of the participants, was completed.

Located at Sai Kung Hong Kong, the bridge has a total length of 1.8 kilometers, and double carriageways with two lanes. The structure of the main bridge adopts butterfly-style steel arch, with a 200-meter-long span and a 35.8-meter-wide deck. Two approach bridges use prefabricated girder segments, which are assembled into one in Guangdong and then transported to Hong Kong for further overall installation. Such technology not only minimizes workloads and risks of marine working, enhances safety and environment protection, but also embodies the strengths brought by coordination and common development between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

Following Tsing Ma Bridge and Stonecutters Island Bridge, this sea-crossing bridge becomes another landmark structure, offering an express route at southeastern Tseung Kwan O.

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