Zhenhua 28 Finished Semi-Submersible Loading Operation

Time:2022-05-11    Number:66    【Big Middle Small】    

On April 12, Zhenhua 28 successfully loaded up one dredging ship, one anchor boat and a set of pipelines at Chattogram Port in Bangladesh.

Located at a mouth of Bangladesh channel, the Chattogram Port has torrential water thanks to ebb and flow. For the sake of safety, the bridge was asked to be on duty around the clock during anchor dropping of Zhenhua 28. What’s more, the Chattogram Port has a tropical monsoon climate, with fickle weathers and rough waves these days that lead to only a short window open for cargo loading. These called for a higher productivity to finish cargo loading within a limited time frame.

To ensure a safe and efficient operation, Zhenhua 28 made proper preparation for cargo loading in advance, put together good work programs and emergency plans among others. Also, we held routine meetings to ensure safe operations, and the captain delivered explanation to the crew as to loading operations and safety considerations as well as other relevant affairs.

Thanks to active coordination, eventually the crew of the Zhenhua 28 worked as one to smoothly accomplish the task of cargo loading.

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