ZPMC Shipped Quay Cranes to Taiwan and Singapore Projects

Time:2022-01-04    Number:786    【Big Middle Small】    

Days ago, two quay cranes were shipped to the user terminals on Zhenhua 27, one for Singapore and one for Wanhai Lines in Taichung of Taiwan.

Singapore quay crane project contains 20 units, which are double trolley automatic quay cranes with rated load of 65 tons, track gauge of 35 meters and the lifting height of 55m (on rail) / 23m (off rail). In operation, the speed of the main trolley of the quay crane can reach 270m/min and the speed of the auxiliary trolley can reach 130m/min, which is about 10% higher than that of the conventional dual trolley quay crane. At the same time, this batch of quay cranes has integrated six key technological innovations to realize the intelligent and efficient upgrading of the dual trolley automatic quay crane.

Wanhai Taichung quay crane in Taiwan adopts the double-girder structure, with a rated load of 55 tons, a gauge of 24 meters, a height of 35 meters on the lifting rail, external extension of 47.2 meters and rear extension of 12 meters. At the same time, it is equipped with CCTV, ship type scanning, container truck positioning, box number identification and other subsystems. The project is the additional equipment by Wanhai Taichung Terminal ZMPC after purchasing two quay cranes in 2018.

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