ZPMC-developed Green Straddle Carriers Delivered

Time:2021-12-27    Number:208    【Big Middle Small】    

Two new LNG-Hygrid straddle carriers recently delivered by ZPMC were introduced at a recent briefing on LNG-Hybrid straddle carriers at the Port of Busan.

With a rated elevating capacity of 40 tons, the equipment can lift 20ft-40ft containers. Powered by "natural gas + lithium batteries" and ZPMC's fully independent electric control system, they are totally green straddle carriers. Compared with existing diesel-powered equipment, the new LNG-hybrid equipment can cut dust emissions by 99%, enormously reduce emissions of nitric oxide, on-methane hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and other pollutants, and save fuel costs by approximately more than 50%.

To achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, ZPMC has kept increasing investment in green product research. The product has achieved a world breakthrough in green straddle carriers, expanded the spectrum of green port equipment and boosted the Busan Port Authority's efforts to become an eco-friendly port.

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