"Zhenhua 29" successfully floated four engineering ship in Indonesia

Time:2021-11-24    Number:70    【Big Middle Small】    

In recent time, "Zhenhua 29" successfully floated four engineering ships at MUARA PANTAI Port in Indonesia.

Affected by the tropical rainforest climate, the local weather in Indonesia is changeable, with frequent showers and the large sea surface swell. To ensure operational safety, all crew members of "Zhenhua 29" actively communicated and coordinated with the owner and the port, carefully studied the loading scheme, selected the appropriate window period, refined semi-submersible operating procedures and formulated detailed emergency plan. Meanwhile, all crew members of "Zhenhua 29" actively implement pandemic prevention, glare prevention, heatstroke prevention and other relevant measures. Finally, the floating loading operation of 4 engineering ships has been completed successfully.

MUARA PANTAI Port is located in the middle of east coast of Kalimantan Island and west of Celebes Sea of Indonesia, and with typical tropical rainforest climate that is characterized by high temperature and strong ultraviolet ray all year round.

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