Automatic rail crane at BCT Wharf in Busan, South Korea completes ship unloading

Time:2021-10-14    Number:97    【Big Middle Small】    

On October 6, Ship "Zhenhua 16" loaded with 8 rail cranes berthed at the BCT wharf of Busan Port in South Korea and successfully completed the unloading.

The BCT wharf of Busan Port project includes 8 automated quaybridge and 32 automated rail cranes, which is the first equipment purchased from ZPMC by BCT wharf of Busan Port in South Korea. At the beginning of the September, the delivery of 4 quay cranes have been delivered, and the first batch of 8 rail cranes have been delivered to Hong Kong, with a span of 31 m, a lifting height of 18 m and a rated load of 40 tons, all of which are remote control equipment.

After Ship "Zhenhua 16" berthed at the wharf, the on-site team overcame the difficulties of the project operation environment, epidemic prevention and control. According to the pre-established operation plan, scientific organization, reasonable division of labor and safe operation, finally the unloading task of 8 automatic rail cranes was successfully completed with the progress of unloading two sets in one day, which was well received by users.

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