Shipment for U.S. New Orleans Project

Time:2021-10-08    Number:159    【Big Middle Small】    

On the morning of September 27, loaded four quay cranes for New Orleans, "Zhen Hua 23" set sail from the wharf of Changxing Branch of ZPMC.

In the Project, the crane gauge is 30.48m, the lifting height is 39.6m, the extension distance is 53.34m, the rear extension distance is 22.86m, and the rated load is 65t. Due to the need to cross the bridge during shipment, the design of lowering girder and lowering column is adopted for the Project.

2 + 2 quay cranes were purchased for the New Orleans wharf from ZPMC in 2019. It is the first time for the New Orleans wharf to purchase the equipment from ZPMC, so it has strict requirements on product quality. ZPMC has organized and held special meetings for the Project for many times to sort out problems and work plans, and finally ensure the smooth delivery of the Project. Meanwhile, as the first point-to-point foreign ship COVID-19 prevention project of ZMPC, the Project has laid a foundation for the follow-up COVID-19 prevention.

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