"ZPMC 34" Succeeds in Floating off 7 Engineering Ships in Guinea

Time:2021-08-31    Number:120    【Big Middle Small】    

On August 22, "ZPMC 34" succeeded in floating off 7 engineering ships at Conakry anchorage ground in Guinea.

One of the seven engineering ships floated off this time is a powerless ship, which requires tugboats for auxiliary operations. There are many ships at the unloading anchorage ground. In order to avoid ship collision accidents, the requirement for ship positioning accuracy is high and the control is difficult. During the local rainy season, the weather is changeable and the sea swells are large, which is not conducive to safe operation.

The crew of the "ZPMC 34" ship have formulated scientific unloading and emergency plans and paid attention to weather changes in real time. And under the leadership of the captain, they have also conducted scientific organization and coordination, finally succeeding in floating off 7 engineering ships.

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