Shipment of Quay Cranes Project for Vancouver, Canada

Time:2021-08-12    Number:311    【Big Middle Small】    

On August 6, loaded two quay cranes for Vancouver, Canada, "Zhenhua 28" shipped from Changxing Branch and set sail for user terminals.

There are two cranes in the Project, with a single weight of about 1,585t, a front extension distance of 63m, a rear extension distance of 15.25m, a track gauge of 27m, a lifting height of 47m on the track, a double box of 65 long tons and a hook of 80 long tons. During the construction, as the Project is affected by the COVID-19 and the Spring Festival holiday. ZPMC has coordinated various resources and organized the resumption of work and production in an orderly, scientific, reasonable and standardized manner, to ensure the smooth progress of commissioning, trial test and shipment. During the shipment, the Project Department has actively communicated with the supervisor of user, reasonably adjusted the production plan and properly carried out product process quality control, which was fully affirmed and strongly supported by the supervisor, ensuring the smooth shipment of the Project.

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