Shipment of the Seventh Batch with 6 Sets of Equipment for Singapore Rail-Mounted Gantry Crane Project

Time:2021-07-23    Number:396    【Big Middle Small】    

 On July 10, accompanied by loud whistle, the "ZHEN HUA 25" shipped six PSA Singapore automated rail-mounted gantry cranes from the wharf of Nantong Branch and went to Tuas wharf of Singapore port.

There are 56 sets of equipment in total in the project. This time, 6 sets of equipment in the seventh batch are shipped. 36 sets of rail-mounted gantry cranes in the first six batches are being handed over and debugged at Singapore wharf. The final assembly and commissioning of this batch of equipment is in the rainy season. Nantong Branch makes overall arrangements for resources and reasonably allocates personnel to minimize the impact of the rainy season. The Project Department makes careful planning to ensure the smooth progress of the project and finally achieve the shipping objectives of "Zero Rectification" and "No Problems Left".

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