The Largest Tension Anchor Chain Machine in China Designed and Manufactured by ZPMC Independently Has Passed the Acceptance

Time:2021-07-23    Number:404    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, the largest tension anchor chain machine in China - the third set of anchor chain machine for Waigaoqiao, which was independently designed and manufactured by ZPMC, has been completed with a series of functional tests. It has passed the user's inspection and acceptance in Waigaoqiao Shipyard successfully and will be put into use in the future.

Anchor chain machine is an important deck equipment for FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading tanker). Its structure and technology are very complex and the cost is high. It is known as Gorgeous in the field of marine equipment. The anchor chain machine independently designed and manufactured by ZPMC adopts a full series of international high standardized explosion-proof electric control boxes. The electric control conforms to the certifications of IEC Ex and ATEX for explosion-proof equipment, which could match the strict design and process requirements of FPSO. And it is also the largest anchor chain machine in China, with a maximum tension of 600 tons.

Due to the tight out-docking cycle, ZPMC's commissioning team showed no fear to the difficult environment, overcame the high temperature and heat during the on-site commissioning, and completed a series of commissioning and inspection applications in just a few days.

At present, ZPMC has won the orders for all 4 FPSOs from Waigaoqiao Shipyard and 2 FPSOs from China Merchants Heavy Industry. The anchor chain machines for the first two FPSOs have been delivered and put into use. The continuous winning of series of orders and delivery show the industry's recognition of ZPMC in the field of high-end marine engineering equipment.

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