Latin American Subsidiary Donated Medical Materials to Local Public Welfare Organizations

Time:2021-07-16    Number:264    【Big Middle Small】    

On the afternoon of June 21 local time, ZPMC Latin America subsidiary donated medical masks to Rotary club, a public welfare organization in Cologne, Panama.

Rotary club is the first voluntary service organization in the world. It is located in Cristóbal, Cologne, Panama. The Cologne Branch was established in December 1920. Its mission is to promote the healthy, balanced and sustainable development of the community by improving the health, education and poverty of the local vulnerable groups. Rotary club is also committed to providing clean water, medical resources, literacy courses and other necessities to local people in need.

It is reported that 12,000 disposable medical masks donated by the Latin American subsidiary will be distributed to local public primary and secondary schools for use by teaching staff and students when primary and secondary schools return to school.

Carmen Márquez, head of public welfare organization, said "At present, Panama is at the third peak of COVID-19, meanwhile, it is a time when primary and secondary schools in Panama are fully back to school, many local public schools do not have enough resources to cope with the COVID-19. This batch of masks donated by ZPMC is just like rain in time, which solves the urgent need for the recovery of teaching work in public schools. We hope to have more enterprises like ZPMC to make a contribution to the local society".

Previously, at the beginning of the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, Latin American subsidiary donated a batch of medical materials to the local Supreme Court and the General National Audit Office of Panama, which was highly praised by the local society.

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