"Zhenhua 34" Unloaded 5 Floating Engineering Ships in the Philippines

Time:2021-07-16    Number:77    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 17, "Zhenhua 34" successfully unloaded five floating engineering ships at Manila Port in the Philippines, marking the successful completion of the transportation project from Guangzhou to Manila.

After arriving at Manila Port, "Zhenhua 34" immediately accepted the local COVID-19 prevention inquiry, inspection and test, and handled the joint inspection procedures. During the whole process, the crew always kept a high degree of vigilance and strict protection, and carried out carpet disinfection after inspection.

There are many ships going to and from the unloading anchorage. In order to avoid ship collision, the port authorities strictly restricted the unloading waters and required "Zhenhua 34" to report the unloading situation of various engineering ships. In addition, affected by the COVID-19, the captain could not go to the scene to command the ship unloading; therefore, remote technical support was provided, and the "Zhenhua 34" completed the unloading operation.

In the face of difficulties, the crew of the "Zhenhua 34" went up to meet the difficulties, actively communicated and coordinated with the Port and the owner, made a careful plan, carefully organized the construction, and seized the time to avoid the window period, and the unloading operation of 5 engineering ships was completed at one stroke, which was highly praised by the owner.

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