ZPMC Developed and Launched Double-box Forklift Truck

Time:2021-07-16    Number:93    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, on the basis of the standard single-box forklift truck, ZPMC has launched a double-box forklift truck that can adapt to ZPMC's full range of forklift trucks.

The double-box forklift truck has excellent structural arrangement and design. It can lift two 20 ft or 40 ft standard containers at the same time, can stack up to the 9th floor, and has a maximum lifting weight of 10t, with a transfer efficiency of more than 40% higher than ordinary forklift trucks, which can transfer empty containers and stack more quickly, and it is safe and reliable.

With the steady growth of port container logistics and the further development of railway containerization, the use of containers is more and more extensive, and the market of handling equipment is further expanded. At present, ZPMC has received a number of export orders for double-box forklift trucks, and has completed the shipment of one truck.

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