"Cloud Unloading" of 2 Quay Cranes for PNC (Pusan, Korea) was Completed

Time:2021-07-16    Number:92    【Big Middle Small】    

On June 26, "cloud unloading" of 2 quay cranes for PNC (Pusan, Korea) was completed. The track gauge of the quay crane of the project is 42.67m, far exceeding that of the ordinary quay crane and the maximum width of "Zhenhua 35". Therefore, the transportation is carried out by installing artificial outriggers, but it also increases the difficulty and risk of on-site unloading.

Affected by the COVID-19, the delivery team could not arrive at the scene on time. In order to ensure the safety of unloading, ZPMC set up a remote ship unloading team for remote guidance. On June 23, after the transport ship landed, the on-site personnel and on-board personnel of the South Korean subsidiary first carried out disclosure and discussion, and then communicated with the domestic remote support group to confirm the details of remote unloading. The next morning, the unloading of the first quay crane was successfully completed with the cooperation of on-site personnel and remote personnel. With the unloading experience of the first quay crane, the second crane also unloaded smoothly. The unloading was successfully completed.

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