“Zhenhua 34” successfully unloaded a jack-up platform in floating condition

Time:2021-05-27    Number:455    【Big Middle Small】    

On May 7th, “Zhenhua 34” successfully unloaded the jack-up platform “TERAS CONQUEST 9”in floating condition, marking the successful completion of the transportation project from Singapore to Pingtan, Fujian Province.

The jack-up platform was 89m long and 40m wide. The pile leg was 102.5m high. Due to the cargo’s large dimension and high center of weight, plus the harsh conditions of the unloading area, the operation window period was short and it became much more difficult to unload in floating condition. The crew of “Zhenhua 34” took actions fearlessly. They actively communicated and coordinated with the owner and other parties, and prepared a thorough plan. They made every minute and second to operate window count and successfully unloaded the jack-up platform in floating condition. Their performance was recognized by the independent testing company and highly appreciated by the owner.

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