ZPMC Supplies all Equipment for Phase I Project for Operation of South Carolina Port, USA

Time:2021-05-13    Number:185    【Big Middle Small】    

Recently, ZPMC completed the delivery of 25 tire cranes and 1 quay crane for Hugh K.Leatherman Terminal, South Carolina Ports Authority, USA. All the equipment has been put into operation the next day to facilitate the opening of the South Carolina Port.

The Port is located in Charleston Harbor. ZPMC supplies 5 quay cranes and 25 mixed tire cranes for Phase I Project, in which the quay crane has a lifting height of 51.5m and a forward extension of nearly 70m, and can handle 20,000 standard box large vessels.

The RTG cranes in the batch have a span of 26.8m, a lifting height of 21m and a lifting capacity of 50t under the spreader, which are the "big ones" in the RTG cranes. Oil-electric hybrid power system is adopted for the equipment, which reduces energy consumption by at least 60% compared with conventional tire cranes, is more green and environmentally friendly, and significantly reduces maintenance costs. With satellite navigation technology, signals from the US GPS, European Galileo and Beidou Navigation Satellite can be received, and the direction of travel of tire crane can be automatically adjusted by algorithm, to avoid collision accident between the tire crane and the yard container, so as to make the operation process safer and more efficient.

After putting into operation, the throughput of the Phase I of the port project has increased about 700,000 standard boxes for Charleston Harbor. On the opening day, the "Yorktown Express" cargo ship of "Hapag LIoyd" arrived with full loading of containers, and local media vied to report that it was a historic day.

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