Andrej Plenković, the Prime Minister of Croatia, Visits the Peljesac Bridge Project

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Recently, members of the Croatian government's Cabinet, such as Prime Minister Plenković of Croatia, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Butković, visited the construction site of the Peljesac Bridge Project.

After learned the report on the overall building and construction work of the bridge, Plenković acknowledged the current construction progress, congratulated the completion of all erection of steel box girders of the approach bridge on the continental side of the bridge, and expressed sympathy to the front-line builders. Subsequently, Plenković walked along the approach bridge on the continental side to pier S4 and carefully inquired about the construction progress of the upper structures such as steel box girders and cable stays.

In the interview with the media, Plenković said it was the first time he had ever boarded and walked on the bridge, and he was delighted to see the rapid development of the bridge construction. The bridge bears the long-cherished wish of the Croatian people for many years to connect the two parts of the land. The Croatian government attaches great importance to the construction of the bridge and hopes that all constructors will continue their efforts to achieve full line penetration as soon as possible.

The bridge in Croatia consists of 165 beam sections. The Company is responsible for the fabrication of 84 beam sections, which are dispatched on 7 ships and the 7th ship was dispatched on 28 April. This also marks the successful completion of the domestic processing and manufacturing work for which the Company is responsible. At present, the bridge construction is progressing in an orderly manner. The on-site construction of the continental approach bridge undertaken by the Company has been completed and connected on April 13, which begins to take shape on the Adriatic Sea.

The Peljesac Bridge in Croatia is a bridge project connecting the indigenous Croatian territory with the Peljesac Peninsula and the largest infrastructure project between China and Croatia. The bridge is a 6-tower steel box girder cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 2,440m. It is constructed according to European standards and is the largest national strategic project in Croatia.

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