Shipping of the First Batch of 10 Straddle Carriers at the Port of Durban, South Africa

Time:2021-03-30    Number:2130    【Big Middle Small】    
On March 28, the first batch of 10 straddle carriers manufactured by ZPMC for the Durban Port of Transnet were successfully delivered. There are 22 straddle carries in total in the Project, and the next 12 carries are scheduled to be shipped in late April.
This batch of straddle carriers are one-through and three-straddle model, equipped with diesel generators, and with a single box lifting capacity of 40t. As for the straddle carriers in the project, a breakthrough has been made in the traditional design. A new type of water-cooled variable frequency control system and water-cooled lifting motor is used, which reduces the floor space and makes the production more convenient.
The Project is the first time that ZPMC's straddle carriers enter the South African markets, and also refresh a new record of the shortest time and the largest number of single wholesale equipment for ZPMC's straddle carrier projects. According to the contract, 66 straddle carriers’ order will be added for the Port of Durban, South Africa, in addition to the straddle carrier projects undertaken by ZPMC in Sweden, Spain and South Korea, it is expected that after the overall delivery of the South Africa project, the ZMPC's delivery capacity will exceed 100 straddle carriers. 

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