Completion of Test run of Boston Low-Profile Quay Crane Project ends

Time:2021-03-26    Number:2166    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, three equipment of low-profile quay crane project in Boston have entered the final stage of functional test run. At present, two sets of equipment have completed the durability test and are in the final stage of rectification. The other equipment is scheduled to complete the durability test on March 26 and be shipped at the end of March. 
The Project started in September 2019, and there is a strict height limit of quay crane. In the Project, the highest lifting height of low-profile quay crane is reached, realizing the leapfrog upgrading and upgrading of the low-profile quay cranes. Compared with similar projects, the overall manufacturing cycle is reduced by 6 months. Compared with the previous Florida project of the same type, the quay crane in the Project has smaller gauge, wheel pressure and further optimized stability design and overall structure. Meanwhile, the welding technology of rail beam, the design of door frame diagonal brace and the design of elevator bracing pipe are improved. 

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