Delivery of the First Batch of Equipment for RTG Crane Project in the State of South Carolina, USA

Time:2021-03-11    Number:2555    【Big Middle Small】    
On March 6, ZPMC successfully delivered the first batch of 19 sets of RTG cranes (rubber-tyred gantry cranes) built for users in the State of South Carolina, USA. There are 25 sets of equipment in the Project, and it is the first time that the company's RTG cranes have entered the U.S. market in recent years. 
The RTG cranes in the batch have a span of 26.8m, a lifting height of 21m and a lifting capacity of 50t under the spreader, which are the "big ones" in the RTG cranes. Compared with the conventional tyred gantry crane, the lithium battery hybrid system can reduce the energy consumption by more than 60%, which is more green and environmental protection, and the maintenance cost is significantly reduced; in addition, with the full-function modular scheme, the RTG crane has the functions of spreader rotation, tilting, two-way translation and anti-sway, which can greatly improve the operation efficiency of the box, and bring more high-quality operation experience to users. 
This is also the first time that users of the State of South Carolina purchase the company's RTG cranes. In the design and manufacturing stage, the project team keeps timely and effective communication with users, kept improving, and implemented and made the details better; and during the delivery of RTG cranes, the project team overcame the pressure, faced the challenge of epidemic situation, and made progress in an orderly manner. The successful delivery of the first batch of equipment has laid a solid foundation for the smooth progress of subsequent projects. 

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