Shipment of the Fourth Batch of Equipment for Singapore Automated Rail-Mounted Gantry Crane Project

Time:2021-02-23    Number:32    【Big Middle Small】    
On February 9, the "ZHEN HUA 25" shipped six PSA Singapore automated rail-mounted gantry cranes from Wharf of Nantong with a wheel loader to Singapore port of Tuas wharf. 
The time of shipment is close to the Spring Festival, and the equipment encountered cold weather after the final assembly, which has a great impact on the electrical assembly, commissioning and painting construction. In the process of project promotion, various departments overcome the influence of the weather and seize the construction period, to ensure that all working procedures are carried out according to the plan. The Project Department have made precise organization and overall arrangement to ensure that the project can achieve the shipping objectives of "zero rectification", "no debt offshore" and "cargo waiting for ship". 

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