ZPMC Develops a New Type of Complete Protection Screen

Time:2021-02-23    Number:34    【Big Middle Small】    
Recently, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company Limited has developed and launched a new type of perforated plate protection screen, which has the advantages of strong anti-corrosion ability, simple production process, and "zero" hot work installation, so as to further improve the product quality and help the green and high-quality development of port machinery manufacturing. 
Shore crane is generally equipped with elevators for maintenance operators to up and down, and the side of the elevators is also equipped with a walking inclined ladder. As the elevator is a moving part, there must be a protection screen between the inclined elevator and the elevator to ensure the safety of personnel and elevator equipment on the inclined ladder. Such protection screen is installed on the facade of shore crane, about 120m2 for each crane. Previously, the ordinary protection screen was made of steel meshes, with welding, polishing and paint repair needed in production, which is easy to pollute the environment and rust. The new protection screen effectively solves the above disadvantages through process innovation. At present, the new protection screen has been widely used in the port machinery projects of the company, with good effect and praised by the supervision users. 

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